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This seminar is devoted to exploring substantive as well as methodological issues in the history and philosophy of science. Science is construed broadly and the issues considered range from epistemic and historiographic questions to issues of relevance and accountability. Topics include the presuppositions and practice of a range of life sciences, earth sciences, and social sciences as well as the physical sciences and mathematics. In the physical sciences, its interests range from antiquity to contemporary quantum theory. In the life sciences and social sciences, the fields considered include various forms of historical, evolutionary inquiry (in biology, geology, and the historical social sciences), biotechnology and ecology, economics, psychology, and cognitive science, and interpretive social inquiry. The membership of this seminar includes scientists, philosophers, and historians. Most sessions take place in conjunction with the New York City History of Science Working Group.

Professor Matthew L. Jones

Celine Camps

All seminars will continue to meet virtually through Fall 2021. Meeting links provided upon RSVP. Meeting dates and times are subject to change.

Meeting Schedule

09/22/2021 Online Meeting
6:30 PM
‘A Thousand Fictions’: Cultism and Delusional Metaphysics in the Newton-Leibniz Disputes
Robert Iliffe, University of Oxford (England, UK)

10/20/2021 Online Meeting
6:30 PM
Broken World Botany: Slavery and Natural Knowledge in the West African Slave Trading Zones
Carolyn Roberts, Yale University

11/17/2021 Online Meeting
6:30 PM
Slave Trading and Medical Arithmetics in the Early Seventeenth-Century Iberian Atlantic
Pablo Gomez, University of Wisconsin-Madison

12/08/2021 Online Meeting
6:30 PM
The Playboy Suits: Pornography, Copyright Law, and the Making of the Online World, 1990-1998
Gerardo Con Diaz, University of California, Davis