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The seminar usually meets once a month during the academic year. A prominent expert from here or abroad, commonly from the Middle East, leads a four-hour discussion at each meeting, assuring ample time for serious dialogue on focused issues. The seminar provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences by Middle East experts in various spheres—business, banking and investment, federal service, the foundations, the media, and the liberal professions as well as academia. The seminar has become a medium for carefully defined and informed evaluation of stubborn problems in a region that symbolizes mounting instability and proliferating crises. Detailed minutes are circulated to participating members for use without attribution to uphold the confidentiality of the discussion.

Professor Gary Sick

Associate Chair
Professor Lawrence Potter

Jude Ali Jordan

Meeting Schedule

07/15/2021 Online Meeting
2:00 PM
The Saudi-UAE Rift and its Implications for Politics and the Oil Markets
Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, Rice University


Historical Overview

Karen Young , Columbia University


The Political Economy of the Rivalry

Jason Bordhoff, Columbia University


Oil and the Implications for Energy Markets

Moderator: Gary Sick, Columbia University

08/29/2021 Online Meeting
3:00 PM
Barnett Rubin, New York University

09/11/2021 Online Meeting
5:00 PM
Al-Qaeda, 20 Years Later
Nelly Lahoud, New America

10/26/2021 Online Meeting
12:00 PM
Why should Iran be so important?
Ali Ansari, University of St Andrews (Scotland, UK)

11/16/2021 Online Meeting
11:00 AM
The Battle for the Soul of Islam
James M. Dorsey, National University of Singapore

12/09/2021 Online Meeting
5:00 PM
The End of History in the Middle East
Jon Alterman, Center for Strategic and International Studies

01/27/2022 Online Meeting
5:00 PM
Iran and the bomb: Where are we? How did we get there? What may happen next?
Barbara Slavin, Future of Iran Initiative at the Atlantic Council and George Washington University

02/17/2022 Online Meeting
5:00 PM
Competing Trends in the Middle East and the Prospect of Regional Solutions
Ross Harrison, University of Pittsburgh

03/22/2022 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM
The art of the Middle East
Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi, Sciences Po (France) and Columbia University

04/14/2022 Faculty House, Columbia University
5:00 PM
After Saddam: Reminiscences of a Diaspora Iraqi in the Making of a New Iraq
Fareed Yasseen, Former Iraqi Ambassador to the United States