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The Seminar in the Renaissance, founded in 1945 by Paul Oskar Kristeller and John Herman Randall, hosts presentations of about 45-50 minutes on various aspects of Renaissance thought (including Renaissance humanism) and its ramifications in the arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature) and the sciences (physical, natural, historical and philological), as well as history and philosophy.  The Renaissance is taken to include the period from about 1350 to about 1650.  We meet on the second Tuesday of each month in Faculty House from September through December and from February through May at 5:30 pm.  Participants may choose to join the speaker for a buffet dinner from 7 pm.

Professor Cynthia M. Pyle

Professor Alan Stewart

Matt Mazewski

All seminars will meet over Zoom for the 2020 fall semester. Meeting links provided upon RSVP. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. 

Meeting Schedule

5:30 PM