Legal, Economic, and Social Environmental Issues

Founded 1990 Seminar Number 495B The seminar addresses the interdisciplinary aspects of the environment including marine science, biology, water resources, pollution, social sciences, legal and political processes and implementation. Each session features an expert in an aspect of the seminar’s purpose who serves as a catalyst for discussion and exchange of positions. Co-Chairs Professor Eugenie […]

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Complexity Science, Modeling and Sustainability

Founded 2011 Seminar Number 743 Our world is becoming increasingly complex. Due in large part to biological, technological and human cultural evolution, we are being confronted with progressively more complex ecological, political, economic, technical and social problems. These problems place extreme demands on our capacities to comprehend and react adaptively, and as a consequence we […]

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Studies in Modern Italy

Founded 1966 Seminar Number 483 This seminar is concerned with political, social, cultural, and religious aspects of Italian life from 1815 to the present. In recent years, the seminar has stressed an interdisciplinary approach to Italian studies, increasing the participation of anthropologists and scholars of art, film, and literature. The seminar meets on the second […]

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