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Recently completed field studies and research from primary sources on Brazil constitute the main interest of this seminar. Brazilian, U.S. and other visiting scholars participate, contributing their interpretations of recent events. Portuguese may be spoken whenever convenient.

Diana Brown
Professor, Bard University

John Collins
Professor, Director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program, Queens College CUNY

Sidney M. Greenfield
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Vania Penha-Lopes
Professor, Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Bloomfield College

Laura Vargas



09/12/2013 Faculty House
7:15 PM
Projeto Morrinho
Members of the Projeto Morrinho Arts Collective ,

09/19/2013 802 IAB
7:15 PM
Open discussion on Contemporary Issues in Brazil

10/17/2013 802 IAB
7:15 PM
"Brazilian Quilombos: Their Transhistorical, Juridical and Post-Utopian Dimensions."
Professor Ilka Boaventura Leite, Federal University of Santa Catarina

Notes: The presentation will be in Portuguese
11/14/2013 802 IAB
7:15 PM
"Some Interpretive Considerations on Post-Abolition and Politics in Brazil"
Professor Hebe Mattos, Department of History, Universidade Federal Fluminense and Visiting Cardoso Professor at Columbia
Speaker Link

Notes: 1) Abreu, Martha & Mattos, Hebe. “Jongo, Recalling History” In: Cangoma Calling. Spirits and Rhythms of Freedom in Brazilian Jongo Slavery Songs. Darmouth: University of Massachussets, 2013 edited by Pedro Meira Monteiro and Michael Stone. (luso-Asio-Afro Brazilian Studies & Theory; 3), (

2) A link for the 4 historiographical movies done in the Oral History Project Memory of Slavery. The home page gives a good idea of the extension of the project.
12/19/2013 802 IAB
7:15 PM
"What Does It Mean to Be Brazilian?: Perceptions of Brazilian Ethnicity Abroad."
Professor Maxine L. Margolis, Department of Anthropology, University of Florida

02/20/2014 802 IAB
7:15 PM
“Current Conflicts over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Brazil.”
Professor Julia S. Guivant, Federal University of Santa Catarina

03/13/2014 802 IAB
7:15 PM
“The Dialogue Between Indigenous Health and Western Society.”
Professor Maria de Lourdes Beldi de Alcantara, USP School of Medicine, Grupo de Apoio aos Jovens Indígenas, GAPK and Anthropology Department, Harvard University

04/07/2014 802 IAB
7:15 PM
“Continuities and Changes in Methods and Content Conducting Research in Brazil over a Period of 55 years.”
Professor Sidney Greenfield,

Notes: Additional co-sponsored session with the seminar on Culture, Power and Boundaries
04/17/2014 802 IAB
2:00 PM

05/15/2014 802 IAB
2:00 PM
“The Making of Criminal Policies in Nineteenth-Century Brazil: Institutions and Practices of Control.”
Professor Ernesto Pimentel Filho, Universidade Federal da Paraíba