Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all seminar meetings and events will be held virtually for at least the Fall 2020 semester. This calendar is subject to revision.

FALL 2020

Monday 9.7 Labor Day
Tuesday 9.8 Autumn Term begins
Saturday-Sunday 9.19-20 Rosh Hashanah (begins sunset on 9.18)
Sunday 9.28 Yom Kippur (begins sunset on 9.29)
Saturday-Friday 10.3-9 Succoth (begins sunset on 10.2)
Monday 10.12 Indigenous Peoples Day
Tuesday 10.27 General Committee Meeting 4-6 (Zoom)
Monday 11.2 Academic Holiday
Tuesday 11.3 Election Day–University Holiday
Thursday-Friday 11.26-27 Thanksgiving Holidays
Friday-Friday 12.11-18 Hanukkah (begins sunset on 12.10)
Monday 12.14 Autumn Term ends
Thursday 12.24 University Holiday
Friday 12.25 Christmas Day
Thursday 12.31 University Holiday


Friday 1.1 New Year’s Day
Monday 1.18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Tuesday 1.19 Spring Term begins
Saturday 2.27 Purim (begins sunset on 2.26)
Monday-Friday 3.15-19 Spring Holidays
Thursday-Thursday 3.28-4.3 Passover (begins sunset on 3.27)
Friday 4.2 Good Friday
Sunday 4.4 Easter Sunday
Wednesday* 4.21 The University Seminars Annual Dinner | Tannenbaum Lecture
Friday 5.3 Spring Term ends
Wednesday 5.19 Commencement
Monday 5.31 Memorial Day

*Tentative. This event will only happen if we can gather in person.