Logic, Probability, and Games

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The seminar is concerned with applying formal methods to fundamental issues, with an emphasis on probabilistic reasoning, decision theory and games. In this context “logic” is broadly interpreted as covering applications that involve formal representations. The topics of interest have been researched within a very broad spectrum of different disciplines, including philosophy (logic and epistemology), statistics, economics, and computer science. The seminar is intended to bring together scholars from different fields of research so as to illuminate problems of common interest from different perspectives. Throughout each academic year, meetings are regularly presented by the members of the seminar and distinguished guest speakers.

Professor Haim Gaifman

Dr. Yang Liu

Professor Rohit Parikh

Robby Finley

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.




11/10/2017 Faculty House, Columbia University
4:00 PM
Entropy and Insufficient Reason
Anubav Vasudevan, University of Chicago
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12/08/2017 Faculty House, Columbia University
4:00 PM
The Price of Broadminded Probabilities and the Limitation of Science
Haim Gaifman, Columbia University
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02/16/2018 Faculty House, Columbia University
4:00 PM
Finitely-Additive Decision Theory
Mark Schervish, Carnegie Mellon University
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04/13/2018 Faculty House, Columbia University
4:00 PM
On the Rational Role of Randomization
Thomas Icard, Stanford University
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05/04/2018 Faculty House, Columbia University
4:00 PM