Call for Nominations | The University Seminars Director

The deadline for nominations is 5pm on April 15, 2022

Persons who are interested in this position are welcome to self-nominate.

Criteria and Eligibility:

The Director of The University Seminars is a half-time academic administrative appointee. The director serves for twelve months of each year, including summer months, with reasonable time off.  If the director is a current full-time member of the faculty, it is expected that the director will obtain a reduction in teaching, research, and/or other obligations to Columbia University sufficient to give ample time to the responsibilities of the director. The director shall be compensated for service to The University Seminars at a rate to be approved by the Executive Committee of The University Seminars. The appointment will begin on July 1, 2022 or at a later time to be negotiated with the successful candidate, but not later than July 1, 2023.

Because of the special character of The University Seminars as an ongoing community of partnerships over time, it is vital that the director have considerable knowledge and experience of The University Seminars. Accordingly, the nominee for director shall be a current or past member of at least one University Seminar. The nominee shall be a current or past member of the faculty of Columbia University.

The nominee is appointed by the Provost of Columbia University on the advice and recommendation of the General Committee of The University Seminars for a term of at least three years and not to exceed five years, renewable.



Please submit a COMPLETED NOMINATION FORM to Alice Newton.


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