Covid-19 Guidelines for Spring 2022

The University Seminars office received approval for seminars to meet in person.

Our office is working with the Faculty House to accommodate everyone beginning on March 21, 2022. If you would like to meet before then, or if you would rather remain online for the remainder of the year, let us know!

Please read the following guidelines carefully and share them with your members. During this time of transition, it is important that we follow the rules carefully and maintain a safe and reliable environment for everyone.

We thank you for your patience as we make this transition.

Vaccinations and Symptom Monitoring:

Proof of vaccination is required. No exceptions. 

All visitors, regardless of affiliation, must be fully vaccinated in order to enter any Columbia building. Boosters are not required at this time. If you have any special considerations, contact Pamela Guardia for additional guidance. Symptom attestations are no longer required. However, each individual is responsible for monitoring their own health on an ongoing basis. If anyone experiences symptoms of illness, they should stay home. Regular testing is encouraged, especially if you have symptoms.

CU ID-Holders:
Are required to show a ‘green pass’ on the ReopenCU app upon entry OR show proof of full vaccination.

Non CU-ID Holders:

Proof of full vaccination is required upon entry to any CU building. The symptom attestation form is no longer required.


Wearing a mask indoors is now optional. Any individual may decide to remove or maintain a mask when indoors. This is a personal decision and the right of an individual to wear or remove a mask should be respected.

Audio-Visual Equipment and Hybrid Seminars:

The University Seminars has the capacity to support Zoom hybrid meetings. The technology installation in the Faculty House is still ongoing and is forthcoming around mid-April. In the meantime, we have the technology to bring in a remote presenter or to have all in-person guests enter a Zoom room (to be seen by remote attendees). If you think you will use one of these options, let John and Pamela know as soon as possible. Technology is limited. So, it is important to make your needs known to us as soon as possible.


If you plan on meeting in the Faculty House, please make sure that we have your dates and meeting times. If you are meeting in March, send Pamela all of the below information no later than a week in-advance of the meeting so that the Faculty House can properly allocate labor.

  1. Meeting date, time and number of attendees
  2. Dinner time and number of dining attendees
  3. Technology
Will your guest speaker (if you have one) attend remotely or in-person?
Will you need AV equipment? If so, what will you need?
Is it a hybrid meeting?
Will your in-person guest speaker be using PowerPoint?

If you have any questions about this policy, feel free to contact The University Seminars office.

For more information, please see the University’s Covid-19 Monitoring Plan.