The University Seminars Archive

Leonard Hastings Schoff Memorial Lecture Series

1993 | David N. Cannadine
The Rise and Fall of Class in Britain, 1700-2000

1994 | Charles E. Larmore
The Romantic Legacy

1995 | Saskia Sassen
Governing the Global Economy

1996 | Kenneth T. Jackson
Gentleman’s Agreement: Political Balkanization and Social Inequality in America

1997 | Ira Katznelson
Desolation and Enlightenment: Political Knowledge After the Holocaust, Totalitarianism, and Total War

1998 | Carol Gluck
Past Obsessions: War and Memory in the Twentieth Century

1999 | Robert Pollack
The Faith of Biology and the Biology of Faith

2000 | Lisa Anderson
The Scholar and the Practitioner: Perspectives on Social Science and Public Policy

2001 | Partha Chatterjee
The Politics of the Governed

2002 | David Rosand
The Invention of Painting in America

2003 | George Rupp
Globalization Challenged: Conviction, Conflict, Community

2004 | Lesley A. Sharp
Bodies, Commodities, and Biotechnologies

2005 | Robert W. Hanning
Serious Play: Crises of Desire and Authority in the Poetry of Ovid, Chaucer, and Ariosto

2006 | Boris Gasparov
The Early Romantic Roots of Theoretical Linguistics: Friedrich Schlegel, Novalis, and Ferdinand De Saussure on Sign and Meaning

2007 | Douglas Chalmers
Representative Government Without Representatives: Seven Reasons to Think Beyond Electing Executives and Lawmakers

2008 | No Lecture

2009 | Philip Kitcher
Deaths in Venice: The Case(s) of Gustav (Von) Aschenbach

2010 | Jean E. Howard (Spring)
Staging History: Imagining The Nation

2010 | Alan Brinkley (Fall)
Seeing The Great Depression

2011| Robert L. Belknap

2012 | Herbert Terrace
Why Two Minds are Better than One: The Evolution of Words

2013 | Paige West
Accumulation by Dispossession?: Loss, Change. And the Future of the Melanesian Pacific

2014 | Annette Insdorf
Coherence and Resonance: How To Read Film Openings

2015| Robert E. Remez
The Good Listener: Behavioral Neuroscience Considers the Perception of Speech

2016 | Robert G. O’Meally
“Fancy Sticks”: The Action-Art of Toni Morrison, Romare Bearden, and Jazz

2017 | Edward Mendelson
Medicine, Empire, Love: The Inner Life of Mrs. Dalloway

2018 | Fred Lerdahl
Reflections on Music and Language

2019 | Madeleine Zelin
China Semi-Incorporated: The Battle for a Chinese
Legal Modernity in the Early Twentieth Century

FALL 2022 | Robert Gooding-Williams
Du Bois’s Political Aesthetics:
The Ends of Democracy and the Ends of Beauty

SPRING 2023 | John McWhorter
Hidden Hybridities

FALL 2023 | Farah Jasmine Griffin
The Abundant In-Between Time