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This interdisciplinary seminar explores aspects of the relationship between Catholicism and the modern world and examines alternatives to standard narratives of secularization by drawing on recent work in the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. The seminar provides a forum for scholars to present and discuss the Catholic intellectual tradition in a modern academic setting.

Professor Pierre Force

Professor Lorenzo Polvani

Matt Mazewski

Meeting Schedule

09/22/2021 Online Meeting
6:00 PM
The State of Religion and Young People - Catholic Edition
Ellen Koneck, Springtide Research Institute

10/26/2021 Online Meeting
6:00 PM
Midrashic Verses from Emily Dickinson and Lucille Clifton
John Wargacki, Seton Hall University

12/01/2021 Online Meeting
6:00 PM
Socialism and the Pro-Life Movement
Nicole-Ann Lobo, Princeton University

01/25/2022 Online Meeting
6:00 PM
Don DeLillo’s Latin Mass
Amy Hungerford, Columbia University

02/23/2022 Online Meeting
6:00 PM
Understanding What We Do Not Grasp: Seeking the Infinite in Descartes's Philosophy
Sophie Berman, St. Francis College

03/23/2022 Online Meeting
6:00 PM
The Workers' Paradise: Eternal Life, Economic Eschatology, and Good Work as the Keys to Social Ethics
David Cloutier, Mount St. Mary's University

04/20/2022 Location TBD
6:00 PM
Who Is My Neighbor? A Catholic Perspective on American Property Law
Angela Carmella, Seton Hall University