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Studies in Dance takes a broad, interdisciplinary approach to dance scholarship while serving as an ongoing forum for discussion by established and younger scholars.  The Seminar embraces all forms of dance scholarship, regardless of discipline, research area, and methodology, and has the long-term goal of encouraging academic publication and new research.  The members include Barnard College and Columbia University faculty as well as independent scholars and faculty from other New York institutions, although speakers may come from outside the metropolitan area.

Professor Lynn Garafola

Emily Hawk

Anna Waller

All seminars will continue to meet virtually through Fall 2021. Meeting links provided upon RSVP. Meeting dates and times are subject to change.

Meeting Schedule

09/27/2021 Online Meeting
6:00 PM

Daria Khitrova,

10/25/2021 Online Meeting
2:00 PM

Laure Guilbert,

11/22/2021 Online Meeting
2:00 PM

Laura Cappelle,

12/13/2021 Online Meeting
6:00 PM

Joselli Audain Deans,

01/31/2022 Location TBD
6:00 PM


02/28/2022 Location TBD
6:00 PM

Buck Wanner,

03/28/2022 Location TBD
6:00 PM

Kathryn Dickason,

04/25/2022 Location TBD
6:00 PM

Ruth Horowitz,