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Members of the seminar investigate the legal, political, and institutional aspects of society both as they function in reality and as they should function according to theory. The investigation is both global and timeless, although European and American interests seem to dominate. Lectures and discussions range from classical Greece, Rome, and Israel, through medieval Europe, Islam, and Asia, to modern and contemporary societies. Aspects of Roman, Talmudic, Islamic, canon and common laws are examined. The majority of the lectures are presented by the members of the seminar, most of whom are academics in history, political science or law, or professionals who have become editors. One or two papers each year are presented by visiting scholars.

Dr. Sarah Danielsson

Dr. Kenneth Pearl


Meeting Schedule

04/12/2022 Faculty House, Columbia University
6:00 PM
Identity and Masquerade in 1944 Budapest in Lili Fehér's Catch Me If You Can: The Diary of an Escaped Jew (1945)
Louise O. Vasvári, Stony Brook University, SUNY, New York University, and University of Szeged (Hungary)