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The Public Humanities Workshop features the work of scholars engaged in public-facing modes of scholarship and pedagogy. Meeting two to three times per semester,  each seminar highlights one or more public humanities projects in progress with the aim of nurturing interdisciplinary thinking and new, imaginative collaborations that bridge scholarly and applied knowledge. These intellectual projects will draw on a variety of disciplinary methods while engaging non-academic partners such as community members, civic organizations, artists, and activists. Meetings have a thematic focus while enabling participants to examine topics of concern to the public humanities broadly, including intellectual dynamics, research strategies, program access, and pedagogy.

JM Chris Chang

Amy Chazkel

Eileen Gillooly

Maria Gonzalez Pendas

Amy Starecheski

Claire Dillon

Meeting Schedule

01/25/2024 Faculty House, Columbia University / Zoom
6:00 PM
A Bag Full of Telephone Cards: Exhibiting the Archive of Albanian Immigration to Greece--joint meeting with 703
Ilirida Musaraj, the Contemporary Social History Archives


How does one make an archive of migration? What sorts of materials and testimonies should it contain? And what kind of relationship should it establish with the community at its center as well as with broader public audiences? In this workshop, SNFPHI awardee Ilirida Musaraj will present the project Voicing the Albanian Experience in Greece and workshop plans for an upcoming exhibition in Athens.

This seminar is co-sponsored by the University Seminar on Modern Greek, the Oral History Master of Arts (OHMA), and the Program in Hellenic Studies.

Respondent: Amy Starecheski , Columbia University