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This seminar is concerned broadly with the maintenance of international peace and security and with the settlement of international disputes. It considers specific conflicts and also discusses the contemporary role of the United Nations, multinational peacekeeping, humanitarian efforts and other measures for the resolution of international conflicts.

Roy Lee

Francesca Sellors

Meeting Schedule

01/23/2023 TBD
2:00 PM
Ambassador Mythen, Irish ambassador to the UN

02/21/2023 TBD
2:00 PM
How to achieve peace in Ukraine
Ambassador Alya, Tapio Kanninen, retired UN Official

03/27/2023 Faculty House, Columbia University
6:45 PM
CANCELLED--NATO, Ukraine, and Collective Security
Ambassador Kalkku, Finnish Ambassador to the UN Mission

04/24/2023 Faculty House, Columbia University
6:30 PM
Globalization: Road to Peace or Conflict
Giulio M. Gallarotti, Wesleyan University and Columbia University