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The University and Society Workshop facilitates an interdisciplinary inquiry into the present and possible futures of the university.  There is a growing consensus that the university as a social institution is in “crisis.” What this crisis means and what its nature is, however, is subject to considerable debate. Across many contexts, there is concern about the university’s finance model based on student debt; its corporate governance structure; the shrinking job opportunities for recent graduates, the largely Eurocentric curriculum; and the “irrelevance” of a diploma in a constantly changing labor market.  Simultaneously, organizing, and other actions aimed at transforming the university have driven curriculum and policy changes at numerous colleges and universities throughout the United States and other parts of the world. At this time of both crisis and transformation for the higher education system of the United States, this workshop brings together scholars from several disciplines and institutions, as well as education experts, artists, and storytellers to critically engage with the shifting landscape of higher education in times of social, cultural, and economic change.

Katerina Gonzalez Seligman

Chelsea Good Abbas

Frances Negrón-Muntaner

Mateo Rispoli

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