Submittable is a cloud-based submission management system used by The University Seminars office to manage the following proposals and requests. Submittable is a third party system and not associated with nor managed by Columbia University. First-time submitters will be asked to create an account by entering their email address and choosing a password.  

Submittable is not connected to the Columbia UNI/password system.

Proposals and Funding Requests

New Seminar Proposals

Proposals for new seminars are accepted on a rolling basis through Submittable.

All seminars must include participants from more than one department, and from outside Columbia. Members (from Columbia), and associate members (from elsewhere), must have PhD’s or equivalent expertise. Some seminars admit selected graduate students as guests; some do not.

Conference Proposals

Conference funding requests are accepted on a rolling basis through Submittable.

Occasionally, a seminar’s central concerns involve scholars too distant for regular participation, or a seminar wants to engage a broader audience. On such occasions, the seminar may wish to organize a conference or public or private symposium. Conferences and symposia are an exciting part of The University Seminars programming. In order for the Conference Committee to consider a proposal, conference guidelines must be acknowledged and a proposal must be submitted through Submittable. Before submitting a proposal, please review the Conferences section of the Guidelines.

Publication Fund Requests

Publication requests are accepted on a rolling basis through Submittable.

The Leonard Hastings Schoff and Suzanne Levick Schoff Memorial Fund can be used for indexing, translating, technical editing, illustrating, or other publication costs of manuscripts or monographs produced under the auspices of The University Seminars in the fields of economics, sociology, psychology, penology, or the behavioral sciences which have already been approved for publication.

The Aaron Warner Fund supports the publication of materials that emerge from a University Seminar. These publications do not need to fall under a specific field. This book subsidy fund is in honor of the social scientist, Aaron Warner who was Director of The University Seminars for decades, and whose devotion to music on the one hand, and to the world of physics at Columbia, on the other, carried him far beyond the social sciences.

The Belo Award

Below Award requests are accepted on a rolling basis through Submittable.

The Belo Award aims to increase participation from emerging and independent scholars and non-tenured professors from underrepresented groups in The University Seminars’ events. The Award may be used for expenses associated with attendance, over and above the cost of travel and accommodation usually covered by the Seminars Office.  Such expenses might include dependent care, the cost of food, and other incidentals.


Meeting Documentation

Minutes and announcements from all seminar meetings are accepted through Submittable.

Before submitting meeting documentation, please review the Meeting Documentation section of the Guidelines.