The Future of Aging Research

Founded 2014 Seminar Number 775 Initiated by the Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center, the University Seminar on the Future of Aging Research has as its mission to provide an interactive interdisciplinary forum for scientists to engage with one another, to generate new ideas and new methods, and to stimulate new approaches to the science of aging. The format emphasizes dynamic exchanges […]

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Legal, Economic, and Social Environmental Issues

Founded 1990 Seminar Number 495B The seminar addresses the interdisciplinary aspects of the environment including marine science, biology, water resources, pollution, social sciences, legal and political processes and implementation. Each session features an expert in an aspect of the seminar’s purpose who serves as a catalyst for discussion and exchange of positions. Co-Chairs Professor Eugenie […]

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Appetitive Behavior

Founded 1972 Seminar Number 529 This seminar is comprised of professors, research scientists, and physicians from institutions of higher learning and industry in the greater New York area with a common interest in the biological and behavioral bases of appetitive behavior. Four major areas of interest are found within the group: 1) the control of […]

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