Narrative, Health, and Social Justice

Founded 2010 Seminar Number 737 This interdisciplinary and inter-institutional seminar explores the connection between narrative, health, and social justice. If disease, violence, terror, war, poverty, and oppression all manifest themselves in narrative, then it is equally true that resistance, justice, healing, activism, and collectivity can be products of a narrative-based approach to ourselves and the […]

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Human Rights

Founded 1978 Seminar Number 561 This seminar addresses various human rights issues at monthly meetings, sometimes by designating a theme to be followed during the entire academic year. The topics cover international and domestic areas of concern and reflect problems of both conceptualization and application. Emphasis is also placed on dialogue between advocates of western […]

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Twentieth Century Politics and Society

Founded 1992 Seminar Number 555 The seminar concerns Europe, the United States, and the non-West. It brings together historians, sociologists, political scientists, literary critics, and other scholars to discuss current research on diverse cultural, social, and political theses, especially those that stimulate comparative perspectives. Seminar Website Chair Professor Christopher Dietrich Rapporteur TBD All seminars […]

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