Material Texts

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This seminar brings together from various disciplines scholars who work on the history of the book and the study of material texts in order to place the technical and bibliographical study of text objects in dialogue with cultural studies and both the textually- and the materially-oriented humanist disciplines more broadly.  Over recent decades, book history has emerged as a necessarily and productively interdisciplinary field; with this in mind, this seminar focuses on the interpretation of material textual objects from an array of disciplinary perspectives.  Our aim is to provide a clearinghouse for emerging methods and work, and a nexus for scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to discuss and pursue shared interests in the study of the book and the material text.

The seminar meets at 5:30pm on varying days of the week, followed by an optional dinner at 7:00pm. Both the seminar meeting and dinner are at Faculty House.

Professor Joseph A. Howley

Karla Nielsen

Sierra Eckert

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Please confirm details with the seminar rapporteur.




5:30 PM